Sunday, April 11, 2010


Poster and abstract of my final year project.

Inhale/Exhale looks at the conflicting and contrasting elements of women’s lingerie and corsetry in a swim – street collection. Taking inspiration from Rococo painting and portraiture of the late 1800s and lingerie, Inhale/Exhale is derived from the accompanying paper discussing the concept of female empowerment from the perspective of recontextualising symbols of oppression into symbols of empowerment and liberation.

Inhale/ Exhale looks at the push and pull of fabrics on the body; corsetry, tying and wrapping as well as layering and free flowing fabrics symbolising liberation. The collection will develop contrasting elements of restriction and volume and textures, and will consist of layered swim and outerwear consisting of silks, leathers, mesh, knitting and swim fabrics as well as rope and non-woven materials to create modern, sexy and powerful pieces. The collection will look at binding and other forms of body distortion used historically which symbolise oppression and reinterpret them into powerful pieces for the modern woman.

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